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Musicians by inspiration and engineers by training, we have always had the desire to join these two professions and collaborate under the same umbrella. We think we did just that with AJAMSONIC’s remarkable music sounds through advanced technology.

Located in Delaware, USA, AJAM Inc. strives to create and perfect innovative ideas to tackle today's digital musical challenges. The current trend in music creation and production is to  record a few loops and use that to create an entire song. In so doing, however, music has lost a lot of it's power, it’s ability to turn heads, and change moods.

Music audiences and artists still demand great music, and we believe we provide superior instruments to meet their demands and desires. Yes, it is expensive getting musicians to come to a studio to record. This is one of the reasons behind the creation of our current flagship - AUDYA AJAMSONIC - to provide instrument sounds and drums so real, you would swear a live band produced the audio track.

It is our hope that slowly but surely, the world will discover the very best in digitally produced music they’ve been looking for in our products.

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