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The AJAMSONIC Upgrade Kit is for AUDYA series owners who want more reliability in their keyboards that were produced with older disk technology. Even more, they want the exclusive, striking new styles and instrument sounds created by AJAMSONIC.

The sounds and styles in the Audya have always been the best natural sounds that money can buy. But the reliance on the available, temperamental hard disk technology caused some instability in the keyboard start up and performance of those great styles.

We have now eliminated those issues with our Solid State Drive upgrade to replace unreliable hard disks and bring out the best in your AUDYA with modern technology and great product support.

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Solid State Disk

There are 2 replacements for your current hard drive:

  1. A STANDARD Solid State Disk Drive (SSD) which will have the factory hard drive contents
  2. The AJAMSONIC SSD which will have the factory hard drive contents plus the full AJAMSONIC Upgrade.

The AJAMSONIC SSD offers the following features not found on the standard AUDYA series product:

Product name and Model
Serial Number

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Perfecting the sound of music AJAMSONIC Upgrade Kit