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Bunky Christiansen (402-297-9636)  A professional musician who has used KETRON products for years. Bunky plays keyboards, banjo, fiddle and guitar currently uses the KETRON AUDYA 4 live to fascinate audiences all over the world. As a great Country artist, Bunky believes in Authentic Sound and keeping it real as he says here

Donald Porter (303-469-8303)  A seasoned musician who goes to great lengths to make sure the sound is right for the folks in AZ (and you know how picky they are about sound). Using a guitar and the AUDYA 4, Don has been able to keep folks dancing into the wee hours of the night and has released a few albums just with this setup.



Fintan Stanley (617-347-9910) Originally from Ireland, Fintan is a professional accordion player who has never let go of KETRON instrument since he fell in love with them a few years back. His love of the French Musette brought him to the doorsteps of the AUDYA 4 and he has released quite a few songs just with this unit and his accordion in a professional studio.

South Dakota

Dianne Kennedy (605-787-9004) For someone who performs over 4 times a week, this young lady has depended on her KETRON gear to keep her going and going and … For Dianne the Waltz, Polka, Irish Dances have to sound right, or not at all.


Ron Crites (402-297-9636)  A KETRON demonstrator during the day and professional musician at night, Ron knows his gear inside out and while he sleeps. He shows the world just how a guitar player (electric or acoustic) can achieve live sound while performing and entertaining live. Watch one of his lightning performances here and how foot pedals are used to control the arrangements here


Ricky Fernando (202-391-6434) Ricky has turned his church upside down with his KETRON keyboard. No more complaints about musicians showing up late or not at all. No more constant pay outs every Sunday. Call Ricky if you want to find out how KETRON products can bring live music into your church … without the “live” hassle!

Some Ketron Artists and Endorsers

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