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The Audya (76 keys) and the Audya 5 (61 Keys) give musicians superior, LIVE instrument sounds, backing styles, features, and ease of use at a price point that embarrasses the competition.

When KETRON’S natural instruments, voices, LIVE bass, LIVE horns, and LIVE guitar sounds hit your ears, you’ll think you’re hearing master musicians of every genre and era playing in the best clubs and concert halls in the world.

Our real LIVE drums, cymbals, and Latin percussion cut through the air with thump, fidelity, and nuance you simply won’t hear on any other arranger workstation, no matter the price tag. They’re astoundingly cool, clear, and downright caliente.

The Audya is a timeless and updatable arranger keyboard for home, professional, and praise and worship musicians. It’s even an advanced music workstation for amateur and professional recording studios.

It’s a Sampler, Vocalizer, Drum Machine, MP3, and Wave Player all in one.

It’s the affordable, dynamic, gorgeous sounding keyboard you’ll never get tired of.

AUDYA New Features

with crystal clear examples

VCE (Voice Character Emulation) was developed through a collaboration between AJAMSONIC and KETRON.

All modern electronic keyboards play good sampled sounds when a key is pressed down. The sound is turned off when the key is released. However, certain instrument sounds such as woodwinds or guitars require more complex technology to produce the sounds faithfully and authentically. Sampling these particular sounds is not enough to convince players and audiences that they are hearing a good representation of the “real thing” they’ve always seen and heard live.

A real guitar produces fret noises, plucking sounds from each string, body taps, bends, etc. Listening to a sax player up close, you will hear a breath sound as he blows into his instrument, the sounds of the valves opening and closing over holes, bends, etc. All of this cannot be faithfully reproduced by just sampling.

Other manufacturers have attempted to create nuances to woodwind and guitar sounds by having the user press a separate button to produce the desired articulation. However, the VCE-2 has set a new standard with our VCE-2 technology. The complex articulation of these instruments is easily triggered and controlled based on how you play, such as playing softly, hard, holding down a note for more than a second, releasing a note quickly or slowly, etc.

The AJAMSONIC AUDYA uses your unique style of play to bring out the authentic characteristics of the instruments. Our unique technology and your playing skills create a realism not found on other keyboards in the Audya’s class. These new, highly expressive voices can be used as solo voices, together with STYLES/PATTERNS, or in your sequences. True instrument Articulation has been developed with tremendous research, time, and attention to detail in the AJAMSONIC upgrade kit for AUDYA.  VCE-2 on YouTube.

VCE-2 Instrument Demos

VCE Piano Demo VCE Elec. Piano Demo VCE Guitar Demo AjamSonic Choir Mix.mp3 VCE Pad Demo VCE Sax Demo VCE Synth Demo

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