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KAYE'S MUSIC SCENE in Tarzana CA (818-881-5567) Although not yet an authorized service center, we are working in close collaboration with George Kaye  to see if we can re-establish a relationship with their previous repair center. George is a well established Arranger guru - especially within the Middle Eastern world and has dealt with KETRON for years. We welcome him back!


WORLD OF STEREO (San Francisco Bay area, CA):415-626 1195, (San Jose area, CA) 408-279-2999, and (Petaluma, CA) 707-769-1880 This is one of our latest additions to the KETRON network family and they have 3 stores in CA. As a chain store, World of Stereo is promising to be the place to be for KETRON products. We are working with nearby service centers to ensure that they can also service KETRON products as well.


AUDIOWORKS in Milford, CT (203-876-1133) is an established and well known KETRON dealer and authorized repair center. We have been to Frank's location a few times and have offered his team training on servicing and repairing KETRON products. By so doing, we were able to also find other service centers close to Frank that already service musical instruments from Yamaha, Roland and Korg and they have agreed to service KETRON products too. Frank's reputation for Arranger keyboards speaks for itself and he is well known and respected in the Keyboard world.


SALES REP - John Deep Orlando, FL (407-353-1010) Another dedicated KETRON sales rep and service man in the Orlando (FL) area. Not only is John a talented guitar player but also a service rep electrician who knows these instruments inside ... and out. John loves to kick the bass pedals and Country music is … his thing.

ACCORDION & KEYBOARDS Clearwater, FL (727 443 4113) John Gaunt has been with KETRON since the beginning and has continued to be a reputable KETRON dealer and service center in Florida. He has a great technician who is very prompt with repairs. If we ever get a service job from this center, we know we are going to be going at it for a while!

MUSICIAN'S BUY/GEORGE's MUSIC, West Palm Beach, FL (1-877-778-7845) This predominant Internet retail store have joined the KETRON wagon and have been selling many KETRON products for a while now. These folks are dedicated to the product line, know their gear and are willing to offer an extra hand when needed.


PETE MALLETT in Silvis, IL (309-755-0581) is a professional Electronics Engineer who has been working on KETRON products since the Programmer-1. Pet is also a knowledgeable dealer who sells and services most musical electronic gear including KETRON by day, and uses them at night. Rest assured that Pete will upgrade your unit whenever needed … and get it right … the first time!


JAY FOX LTD in Fort Wayne (260-483-6071) is also a well known authorized dealer and repair center that not only handles KETRON products but also MIDI accordions and other related products. Jay fox is a professional player who not only uses KETRON modules, but also offers excellent service including the installation of  MIDI retrofit kits in acoustic accordions. We sometimes refer to Jay as our “partner in crime” just because of his stellar after sale product support especially with the MIDI modules. Call this guy up at odd hours of the day and he will be there to help you (don't tell him we said that though).


PRO TECH CENTER, Wheaton MD (240-450-0308) has been an authorized repair center for KETRON since 1998 in the Silver Spring/Wheaton area in MD. They do an outstanding job and have yet to send us a repair they couldn't handle! This center is closely associated with Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center in Wheaton MD and currently carries and sells KETRON products. Bob will take care of you and even through in a treat or two. Very nice gentlemen and great service from a store that cares about the smile it's customers walk away with after every sale or service.

KEYBOARD CONNECTIONS in Baltimore, MD (410-598-2618) Not only did Dan O'Neill demonstrate KETRON products for years but Dan has also done professional recordings using KETRON gear. He is a good go-to person when you need after sale support and short-cuts on how-to's.

New York

LAROSA MUSIC in New York City, NY (516 921 6759) John Larosa has also been with KETRON for a while and offers great after product support, especially with accordions and modules. One of the great features of this location is their ability to repair (rather than simply swap) parts and we commend them for this as they save us time and money

SANTORELLI MEDIA, Pay Shore, NY (631-665-4058) Tomas Santorelli is very dedicated to what he sells and he also services KETRON products.

PRO AUDIO in Brooklyn, NY (845-656-9036) Pro Audio is a dealer located in NY and they are also authorized to work on KETRON products. Joel's professional training in Sound and Electronic Engineering enabled him to be helpful in providing suggestions used in modifying the SD5 slightly to suite the performance of the Jewish musicians due to their style of music.

HILTON MUSIC in Albany, NY (518-459-9400) Bob and Rich Hilton are as dedicated to their products as can be. When the owners themselves get down to sales and product support, there is no turning back. Bob is a “tetchy” and so maybe someday, as a result of his and his customer's request, our products will carry Blue Tooth technology!

AL RAMOS in NY City, NY (914-882-6784) Al has been a KETRON dealer and specializes in the arranger modules, helping guitar players and one-man-bands through out Northern NY city.

North Dakota

KIEFER MUSIC in Fargo, ND (701-235-7698) Leo is very popular amongst accordion players who now understand and feel the need of having a “live backing band” at their finger tips. Always willing to set you up with the right accordion and matching arranger module, Leo is very well respected in the community.


KELLY's MUSIC, Tualatin, OR (1-800-510-4385) This predominantly online retail store (together with its Canadian branch) has been selling KETRON products for a long time and are our currently our #1 online retail dealership. Folks like Laurie and Kelly know their gear and are always in touch with us whenever a customer request extra stuff.

Puerto Rico

PORATA MUSIC (787-399-0400) Pedro is a seasoned musician with the ear for good Latin grooves. As someone who has played with the likes of Tito Puente (RIP), Pedro's love for KETRON products shows the first minute you step into his presence. His product support speaks for itself and his bilingualism has put his name in both English and Spanish speaking house holds.


SALES REP - Vince Ramos, Houston, TX (281-204-7716) A dedicated KETRON Sales rep located in Houston TX since 1998. Vince has covered the Houston area for years and assists dealers there with sales and servicing of KETRON equipment. Vince occasionally does demos and is very knowledgeable especially on the SD1 which he uses until today! Time to upgrade Vince!


MUSIC SERVICE CENTER, Wausau (715-675-6394) Our furthest dealers up West who also service KETRON equipment. Brian is always willing to offer a helping hand and put you in the instrument that suits your needs best … for now!

International Dealers


JOE AMOEDO'S MUSIC, Niagara Falls Canada (905-371-3109) One of our great dealers up north who really knows his equipment and cares for his customers. Joe will stop at nothing to give you one-on-one attention if needed.

The Netherlands

MUZIEKHUIS DERA, historic Netherlands Music Dealer, now offers AJAMsonic Sounds, Styles, and Upgrades To Europe.

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