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Ketron GP1 Classic Grand Piano

The GP1 Classic Grand represents the state of the art of in portable digital pianos for sound quality, weight and dimensions.

It has new and sophisticated sound generation created by a meticulous note-by-note sampling technique, on different dynamic levels, of one of the most famous concert grand pianos on the market.

The GP1 is compact and light, making it ideal for recording studios, live performances, didactics, and use at home. In addition to the sounds of the grand piano, the GP1 offers Electric Piano, Vintage, Strings, Pad, and Organ sounds, which can be managed in both split and in dual layer mode.

A professional effects processor provides the right settings and various colors that are suitable for every musical requirement.



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The GP1 has 32 different voices that can be accessed directly from the front panel of the instrument. Using the DUAL/SPLIT mode, you can select two different voices simultaneously, to be played over the entire keyboard or in Split mode allowing you to assign a sound to the left part of the keyboard and one to the right part.



The GP1 has a powerful EFX section with 16 effects that can be activated via a 16-position switch on the front panel of the instrument. Some of these effects are already assigned to the voices and set automatically when the GP1 is switched on.
The EFX Value potentiometer is used to control the range of the base effect used in the voice, modifying its speed, intensity, or other parameters on a case-to-case basis.

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Perfecting the sound of music

NSR stands for Natural String Resonance. It is a special device used in some voices of the GP1 (Classic Grand  and Bright Grand) for an even more realistic reproduction of the natural resonance of chords and of the sound board of the grand piano. Unlike many other digital pianos, which exploit physical or virtual models to recreate it artificially, the resonance is absolutely natural on the GP1. You only need to play a few high notes of the Classic Grand and the Bright Grand with the sustain pedal enabled to appreciate this important feature.