Solo guitar players can now jam over live sophisticated WAV and MP3 backing tracks to fatten their performance. Rock hundreds of styles and media tracks the SD40 kicks out for a bigger, more entertaining sound on stage or at home.

Whether you play organ, piano or keys, the SD40 media player will add  a ton of fun, inspiration, and more professionalism to your playing even if you’re a hobbyist at home. You'll be playing with your own trio, quartet, sextet, or even a live big band backing you up. The SD40 has it all just waiting for you to lead the music.

Vocal Harmonizer

The revolutionary Ketron SD40 allows musicians tot instantly create live backings and follow their playing. These backing tracks are made from live audio elements so real your music will soar. The SD40 is a truly ground- breaking musical sound module designed for both professional and home players alike. The all new sound engine, audio drums, full multi media capability, hardware arranger controls, knobs, full color professional touch screen, and very small foot print means you can make incredible music anytime anywhere.

With over 540 orchestral voices, 368 genuine Ketron layered sound edits, plus 46 high quality RAM sounds, the SD40 provides a comprehensive and authentic sound pallet for virtually any musical demand.

The SD40 ships with 260 full audio drum/groove styles (plus an additional 240+ with the AJAMsonic package installed.) You can also create your own styles using the style modeling section and import/convert/ edit legacy styles from many previous Ketron Instruments. This means you have almost limitless possibilities for style enhancement and addition.

The full color touch screen is a completely new feature for our arranger module range. This was developed with great care to ensure full compatibility with live performance use. The instrument retains the all important tactile arranger buttons (Start/Stop, Intros/Endings, Variations, Fills, etc.) as well as real time hardware level controls for quick adjustment of various volumes. The 7" backlit color screen handles important information, instruments, styles, and media selection plus many other options in a clear concise manner.

Different modes of play are displayed in such a way that you have access to vital features. These are presented using large, clear, well spaced icons that are easy to see and access without accidentally selecting the option next to it. To make control of the module even easier, many quick-access buttons on the instrument panel take you directly to the correct screen or feature.

We believe the SD40 is the most intuitive and easy to operate Ketron module so far. Foot pedal accessories give guitar, organ, piano, and accordion players more control over the functions of the SD40 for hands-free playing. If you are passionate about creating and playing music, the SD40 is for you.

SD40 User Manual

SD40 Brochure

SD40 Specifications

Keyboard Version of SD40 (SD7)

Super Gold Styles

Create Your Own Styles

You and your timeless accordion can offer audiences more. Live SD40 backing tracks will showcase your classic sound and enrich your popular and nostalgic songs. Backgrounds make music beautiful. The SD40 makes beautiful backgrounds.

Multi Media Player

DEMOS SD40 Demos multi media module Please call us for the closest dealer location and more information.

A Solid State Disk (SSD) kit for Ketron products (SD7, Midjay Pro, and future products)

Available in two versions:

SSD 120 GB and SSD 240 GB


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SD40 - Professional Arranger/Multi Media Module *NEW*

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