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MIDI & Audio backing player for musicians

The Midjay Guitar Pro is a true “Hybrid” sound module musicians. It perfectly merges Audio and MIDI functionality in a small portable box. This ground breaking entertainment module is a solo musician’s dream.

Gone are the days when electronic instruments and drums sounded “canned.” The Midjay Pro puts life into your existing or new music with live drums and authentic bass and guitars. Plus, it’s a multimedia player for MIDI, WAV, MP3, MP4, JPEG images, Karaoke, and DVI.  

The Midjay Guitar Pro can crossfade between audio and MIDI files. Guitar players in particular will be well served by the available Preset Guitar Effects by simply plugging their guitar and microphone into the module and leaving all stomp boxes at home.

The ability to synchronize the BPM of MIDI files to AUDIO means you are no longer restricted to just MIDI sounds. Your guitar or drum recordings can now be synchronized to your own MIDI files or commercial MIDI files to create breathtaking performances and studio recordings.

Over 200 Audio drum loops can now be used in your sequences like never before in other modules.  As we all know, the weakest link in standard MIDI files is their mechanical sounding drums. Now you can really liven up your MIDI sequences by replacing those canned MIDI drums with real Audio drums.


Over 140 onboard Patterns ensure that right out of the box, you will be using your Midjay Pro instantly with your music, be it Latin, Pop, RnB, Soul, Jazz, Country — you name it, we’ve got you covered. And, the AJAMSONIC upgrade kit throws in another 120+ styles and refined voices.

The Midjay Pro’s Style Modeling allows you to instantly replace Pattern parts and phrases (drums, Bass, guitars, etc.) with others. With a turn of the data wheel or touch of the screen, makes creating your music very easy.

Drum Modeling further enhances drums by automatically using many random drum samples within the current drum kit (for snare, rim shots, congas, etc.) to create the live feel of a real drummer. Furthermore, these instruments are never played the same way twice.




Detailed Usage & Video


The AJAMSONIC Hard Drive Kit for the Midjay offers extra space to store your library of songs (MP3, Wave, CGI, etc.) and VIDEO files too. Yes, it also plays back video files and these can be very large depending on your video clips. Store all this on the huge 500 GB hard drive. The hard drive also comes pre-loaded with MP3, MIDI, Wave files and over 200 more styles.

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A Solid State Disk (SSD) kit for Ketron products (SD7, Midjay Pro, and future products)

Available in two versions:

SSD 120 GB and SSD 240 GB


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