Perfecting The Sound of Music™

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You can use an external controller such as a keyboard to manually play the Midjay Pro's drums. Authentic Drum samples will sound different depending upon how hard or soft you play.


Using the large touch screen, you can instantly access the on- board effects. You can also download your own effects library from your existing gear into the Midjay PRO’s internal SSD. As a DJ (or an entertainer) you’ll have a variety of  effects to impress and entertain your audience.


Playing an Electric Guitar through the Midjay Pro and accessing the on-board effects simulations. There are many ‘stomp’ effects built in for the Guitar Player. You can also EDIT and store to create your own custom effects.

Guitar Effects

Instantly add backings and tracks to your existing music, or create new ones using an external controller such as this 88 note digital piano.