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KETRON Portable Studio Entertainers

Portable Studio Entertainers (PSE) are a new and different hybrid of instruments which bring to your performances, the clarity, perfection and control of  a studio environment while performing LIVE. Clean sound in an open football field or outdoors was very difficult to produce – until now. Our units simply add to your existing musical gear and provide outstanding live sound without the hassle of a band. Be in control of your music while your audience wonders how you did it.

Audya 4

A device for musicians, by musicians who play actual instruments. This is the only PATTERN BASED SEQUENCER hardware that doesn’t require a computer to create your own audio or MIDI patterns. Learn More

Midjay Plus

Midjay Plus is the new expanded version of Midjay with a 64 MB Wavetable (twice the size of the standard version.) This offers a new and remarkable variety of sounds (among them a stereo grand piano), drum sets, and grooves. Thanks to this new sound generation, Midjay Plus is able to faithfully reproduce both MIDI files and styles in a far more balanced and authentic manner.  Learn More

Midjay Pro

The Midjay Pro has a double professional Player that can efficiently playback MIDI files, Audio files, and Video files.

The device includes a CROSS  FADE function,  to automatically fade-out between one song and another, a LEAD  MUTE function to exclude the  lead, and a SEARCH  function to run an alphabetical or numerical search on the disk.  Learn More

SD3 Real-time Music Arranger Module

A true MIDI based Pattern Sequencer for the gigging musician. Now you can quickly turn an arrangement idea into a song using over 130 onboard patterns and styles, or pattern sequences of your own.   Learn More

SD 40

The new SD40 is the stand alone module version of the SD7 Keyboard. Designed for Guitarists, Organists, Pianists, Accordion players, or any musician who want to control backing tracks, play live or synchronize MIDI and Audio to enter a whole new dimension of music. Learn More