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The AJAMSONIC Audya & Module For Praise and Worship

Praise and worship with stirring sounds and peace of mind are now here for the team musicians. AJAMSONIC’s keyboards and sound modules are perfect for every musical group, but especially valuable to praise and worship instrumentalists.

A RICH AND BEAUTIFUL BAND IS IN OUR KEYBOARD, one your church can count on.

WORLD BEATS allow you to instantly perform a huge variety of worship music from all types of ethnic backgrounds and genres, no matter your denomination or nondenominational congregation.

VOCAL HARMONIZER automatically adds pitch-correct harmony to your voice as you sing. Go ahead and fill your church with beautiful background choir voices when playing solo events.

LYRICS DISPLAYED IN COLOR on an external monitor so your guests can sing along with the rest of your congregation.

RECORD YOUR SERVICE to the internal 80 GB hard drive or optional 120 GB SSD drive for future reference or play back as either an MP3 or Wave file.

USE WITH CURRENT EQUIPMENT by adding the Audya 4 Module to your Keyboard, Guitar, Digital Piano, etc. Your church will spend less but sound like way more!

Advanced Music Workstations

Slab Pianos

Sound Modules

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