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KETRON SD3 Real-Time Music Arranger Module

Finally, KETRON offers a true MIDI based Pattern Sequencer for the gigging musician. When a musical idea hits you at 4 am, you might very well turn on your computer, load your music program, and start recording various tracks. The problem though, is that most of the time the idea vanishes before you complete the tracks. Bummer.

The SD3 allows you to immediately “jot down” your arrangement into a quick song using over 130 onboard patterns and styles, or pattern sequences of your own. You can add more “meat” to your creative skeleton later and produce what you really wanted to record.

What’s Inside

The best natural voices in the market at your finger tip

An authentic drum machine you can control right down to mixing individual components of a drum kit (Kick, Snare, high hat, etc.)

A true 10 track MIDI Pattern sequencer to use existing pattern tracks or create your own from scratch

A built-in Vocalizer (optional) to instantly add harmonies to your voice

The flexibility to use the SD3 with any acoustic or MIDI instrument such as Guitars, Accordions, Organs, and even your existing keyboard or piano

The optional AUDIO Player and card reader also give you the capability to play back MP3 and Wave files directly on your unit from either a USB pen drive or SD card (up to 64 GB in size).

Truly, the SD3 is worth more than the sum of its parts for laying down your burning musical ideas on your instrument — FAST.




Optional Card Reader

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