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Now professional and home studio enthusiasts can accomplish more in less time with the best natural sounds available. Wether you use our full keyboard Audya or our Audya 4 Sound Module with your MIDI controller, you’ll have tremendous quality and capability for your mixes.  

RECORD UP TO 6 TRACKS SIMULTANEOUSLY on your DAW with 6 separate outputs! Assign different instruments to each one.

EDIT IN LESS TIME with a vast library of authentic Live Drums and Percussion, Live Bass, Live Guitars, and LIVE Horns.

TWEEK LESS as a great sounding band is right there in your studio!

INSTANTLY SYNCHRONIZE MIDI WITIH AUDIO to bring your MIDI files and production to life with Drum Remix. Control both at once!

INFINITE CREATIVITY with interchangeable beats, grooves, and arpeggios from around the world. You’ll have a Sampler, Vocalizer, Drum Machine, MP3, and Wave Player all in one advanced, updatable instrument.

The AJAMSONIC Audya Workstation & Module For Studios

Advanced Music Workstations

Slab Pianos

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