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My name is Ajua Alemanji a.k.a. AJ. I am originally from Cameroon (in West Africa) which is a hotspot for African music. Whether you are a home player, a professional entertainer, a beginner or a senior, I’m here to service and upgrade your KETRON instrument and help you master it. I started playing keyboard at age 15 in church. I was always fascinated with Arranger keyboards, trying to figure out how they worked and how they could someday revolutionize our approach to music. That same fascination continues to grow through the KETRON and AJAMsonic achievements in sound and playability.


I attended Penn State University in the early ‘90's graduating with a BS in Computer Engineering and a MS in Computer and Electronic Engineering. As an engineer, I worked for Verizon (then Bell Atlantic) for about 5 years. During that time, I always kept music close. It was my hobby – playing in church and playing with various musical groups but I was still not satisfied. There had to be a way I could combine my engineering skills with my passion for music into something good and unique.


I bought my first KETRON (then SOLTON) product – the MS 50 in the late 90’s. This was a great instrument with realistic sounds and different from the Japanese brands.  But it had its shortcomings. It wasn’t long before I had the unit opened up and modified with upgrades of my own. I increased the memory size, enhanced sounds, and developed more grooves for the unit. I later joined music forums and shared my experience with others for free. This quickly got the attention of the former KETRON USA distributors in New York who later invited me to come show them my enhancements. Subsequently, they contacted KETRON Italy and STRONGLY suggested that the company find a way to work with me in helping to design products and offer product support. I officially started collaboration with KETRON in 2002 and have been providing support to both the company and its customers since then.


In 2006, I started my own company, AJAM Inc., with the goal of enhancing musical products, providing optimal sound quality and features needed by musicians, churches, schools, or wherever good sound was needed. This gave birth to the renown AJAMSONC upgrade package now available for many KETRON products with the hopes of expanding into other manufacturers soon. This package optimizes KETRON products such as the current flagship AUDYA, and the latest SD7 giving them new professional sounds, beats, and features not found in the standard units.

I realized many institutions and groups where purchasing musical instruments but didn’t have a clue how to set them up or use them properly. For the first time, I began to see the true power of the Arranger Keyboard and made it a mission to share this power with American consumers since this was already well known in EU and other parts of the world.


AJAM Inc. became the official KETRON USA distributor in 2014. With all the tools in our pockets, we believe we can truly show the world just how unique and amazing KETRON products are, and how they can vastly enhance your musical experience.

Today, we handle KETRON’s product distribution, dealer support, and end user support for the U.S. at our Delaware facility. We have created video tutorials that clearly explain how to use the instruments. Because I am an engineer and a professional musician, I am in a unique and highly qualified position to develop musical instruments designed by a musician for musicians.

My music background allows me to demonstrate and illustrate the capabilities of these instruments for various environments so the average musician can bond with and take advantage of all that these wonderful instruments offer. I have made many customers but more importantly, many friends while enhancing and supporting KETRON products.

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