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In addition to product development assistance, distribution, and support for KETRON products in USA, AJAM:

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AJAM offers the exceptional AJAMSONIC™ upgrade package of real live sounds and styles for the world-renown KETRON Audya. The AJAM Advanced VCE-2 Articulation makes the best natural sounds of KETRON even better to play and hear. Our exclusive “soundware” takes the Audya to even higher levels of authenticity and capability over any other arranger workstation in the market today. Our dealer and customer support is the difference you’ve been looking for.

Who We Are

Located in Middletown, Delaware, AJAM, Inc., is the official distributor of KETRON products in the USA and the developer of the superb AJAMSONIC™ upgrade for KETRON products. For 13 years we have collaborated with KETRON, Italy, and become a major value added partner.

AJAM, Inc., is led by a chief engineer, 3 professional style programmers, professional keyboard demonstrators, a marketing strategist, and website designer.

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