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KETRON SD 1000 Sound Module

The SD1000 is the first hardware sound module at this price point that integrates both audio and MIDI sequences! Our advanced technology packs stunning sounds in a pocket-size unit.

The SD1000 is the studio artist’s dream come true. Now you can instantly access over 500 professional sounds — the same sounds in other Ketron products (the AUDYA and Midjay Pro.)

Audio Loops and New Sounds

In addition to standard General MIDI sounds, the SD1000 contains other sound banks with many conventional families such as Pianos, Strings, Sax, Brass, etc. The top feature of the SD1000 compared to other sound modules is the large number of audio loops and drum loops which can be downloaded free of charge at

You can add these outstanding, realistic loops to your musical creations to enrich them or even replace the rhythms of the songs altogether.


Using a MIDI file of Caribbean music, where the Latin percussion tracks are not always convincing, you can add patterns from the loop database to breathe realism into the file. Even better, replace the existing drum track with a simple and quick copy and paste action. Now that file will sound “real Latin.”

In just a few moves, you can replace the MIDI rhythmic structure with amazing results. Once the MIDI file is complete, you can save it in whatever format you prefer and play it back with any sequencer or MIDI player.

In the studio environment, the SD1000 can demonstrate its potential best. It can be connected to a computer (PC or Mac) via USB, a MIDI cable (if you have an instrument with a MIDI interface), or connect it via the optional MIDI to USB cable supplied by Ketron.

Using sequencer programs such as Cubase®, Logic®, Sonar®, or similar software,

you can successfully add the SD1000 to a variety of music applications (sequences, MIDI files, jingles, mix audio, etc.), fully exploiting its powerful sound versatility.

Great for the Home Studio




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