The SD7 is a truly ground- breaking musical Instrument designed for both professional and home use. The all new sound engine, audio drums, full Multi Media  capability, hardware arranger controls, level sliders, full color professional touch screen and on board monitor speakers mean you are ready to enjoy making incredible music now.

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The All In One Keyboard For Every Musician

Sensational Pro Styles

Ketron Natural Sounds

Authentic Beyond Compare

Phrase Recording And

Looping Audio And MIDI

NEW From KETRON — Audio Multi-Tracking and Real Time Control!

Big Bright Touch Screen Gets You Playing And Keeps You Playing

7 inch color touch screen accesses 543 GM Orchestral Sounds and 368 VOICES in 12 voice groups

260 styles in an impressive library of more than 300 Latin Percussion Grooves and 200 Audio Drums.

Store Registrations in 4 Banks of 1024 Registrations each. Recall them from the touch screen or  the numeric keypad

The SD7 plays MP3, MIDI (different formats with lyrics), WAV, FLV, CDG, MP4, AVI, M4A, JPG, PDF, & TXT  files.

New AUDIO and MIDI recording function for brief  PHRASES and looping.  Your Stereo WAV file can be further modified  

MIC input (XLR) with adjustable gain, separate audio output and effects Reverb, Echo, Equalizer, Noise Gate, Compressor, Pitch Shift with 10 preset combinations. A secondary MIC or Guitar can be input.


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Perfecting the sound of music SD7



Create Your Own Styles

SD7 User Manual

SD7 External  Module (SD40)

We believe the SD7 is the most intuitive and easy to operate Ketron keyboard so far. If you are serious and passionate about making music, the SD7 is for you.

A Solid State Disk (SSD) kit for Ketron products (SD7, Midjay Pro, and future products)

Available in two versions:

SSD 120 GB and SSD 240 GB


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