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USB Card Reader

Following in Ketron’s tradition of offering upgrades to existing products so you don’t have to buy a new product altogether, this USB and Card reader Drive enables you to play Wave and MP3 audio files along side your previous MIDI files in your existing Ketron product.

In addition, now you can use USB Pen Drives and SD cards to transfer data between your instrument and your computer and throw away old Floppy drives which are all but extinct. They cannot store a Wave or MP3 song anyway.

Now you can modernize your setup and play your favorite MP3 and Wave tunes from your song collection, or those downloaded from the Internet. You can also easily transfer data. The installation is quite simple.

Here are some examples of how your instrument will look after the installation:

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The more affordable STANDARD USB Drive is similar to the USB card reader above. However, this unit is for data transfer, recording and playback only. It will not play audio files such as WAV or MP3 formats.

This unit allows you to transfer data to and from your keyboard or module using a USB thumb drive (eliminating the use of the PC/Mac cable previously used.) The USB stick you intend to use with this drive (preferably 2 GB or less) must be formatted specifically for use in this device by the USB-FLOPPY software found at

Once formatted, your USB stick will be divided into 100 folders with each one representing 1 Floppy disk (that's 100 virtual floppy drives) which you can now use to manage your keyboard's files (styles, MIDI files, user files, etc.) This drive eliminates Floppy drives. It’s a great and more affordable alternative for the musician who just wants to transfer data to and from his instrument.

Standard USB Drive

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