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Ketron Audya and Audya 5

Audya represents the new state-of-the-art modern arranger keyboard. It has a powerful audio multiplayer, a

high quality sound engine and unique automatic accompaniment features. The rich set of interfaces include a

versatile video support, configurable audio connections and three USB ports to connect to computers and other multimedia devices. With ability to play and control audio files together with styles and MIDI files, Audya overcomes the limitations usually encountered by conventional entertainment keyboards.  Learn More


The SD9 features 2 brand new superb stereo grand piano sounds (classical and modern,) and a new and authentic vintage Electric Piano. With their uncompromising multi layer sampling, long natural decay and very high sound quality, these pianos surpass anything ever offered on an entertaining keyboard. The SD9 also contains a massive, renewed sound library with new orchestral sounds featuring electric and FM Pianos, strings and brass as solo or section, basses, synths, guitars and original tone wheel organs with true slow and fast rotor samples. With their natural length and vibrato, without sampling loops, some of the new solo sounds such as violin, flute, oboe, soprano, whistle and Peruvian Flute will let you express an emotional performance like never before.  Learn More      

Ketron SD9 Arranger Player


The KETRON SD7 keyboard is the product of a long, passionate development process and in-depth musical research. Finally, both worlds of a professional class arranger and performance keyboard have been merged like never before into one incredible machine. Whether you want to play music with friends as a DJ, do karaoke style, simply play something creative and inspiring or write your own music - the SD7 will assist you in all scenarios with its comprehensive, innovative features and professional sound. These include new sound generation, a huge sound library, revolutionary Style Modeling system of Styles and beats, Multimedia capability achieved with up to date technology all of which make the SD7 a powerful and indispensable tool for contemporary and modern musical entertainment.

Ketron SD7 Arranger Player

Ketron SD5 Advanced Keyboard

When you want tight sound that you can modify on the fly, the SD5 is the perfect solution. MIDI and Audio Grooves are finally offered in a keyboard that is priced right.  Learn More

SD5 Advanced Keyboard

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