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KETRON Audya 4 Portable Studio

The AUDYA 4 is our advanced, keyless, sound module for use with external MIDI controllers such as keyboards, guitars, accordions, pianos, etc. This portable workstation module contains all the sounds and backings found in the AUDYA 5 keyboard.

Now you can convert or greatly enhance your existing keyboard or use any MIDI controller to sound like a “new and improved” performer. This module can also be used as a stand-alone unit when connected to the optional K8 MIDI Bass and FS switch pedals to control it.

The Audya 4 changes everything for solo musicians and their audiences. When is the last time you heard a guitar player alternate between his guitar, a piano, AND a fiddle played right on his strings? With the AJAMSONIC Audya 4 in your setup, you can do it too and a lot more! Check out the video below. Seeing and hearing is believing.

The AUDYA 4 is the ONLY TRUE HARDWARE PATTERN BASED SEQUENCER capable of allowing a musician to create sequences using both MIDI and a stereo AUDIO track which are automatically synchronized during playback.

This means that you can now easily create and perform your own professional sequences on our AJAMSONIC AUDYA 4 without learning computer software or other electronic gear. Computers and software for musicians may be the trend in the music industry. But our great, built-in sounds and rocking patterns will raise your performance to a new level and make life a whole lot easier.

No iPad or laptop to buy, learn, load up songs & sequences, carry, connect, and monitor

No MP3 player to buy, learn, load up songs & sequences, carry, connect, and monitor

No extra associated gear to buy, learn, carry, and connect

No problems. Our compact module does it all!

Just go to your gig or roll into the studio with an AJAMSONIC AUDYA 4. You’ll rock and record like never before. Easier. Faster. Better.




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