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The Klavipro is a Professional Class Piano module designed for musicians who regard the Piano as the fundamental sound for their studio projects and performances. Klavipro may be small in size, but delivers an innovative, high quality Stereo Grand Piano sound. This is achieved by meticulous, multi-level samples that are captured note by note from one of the finest Concert Grand  Piano's in existence.

The result is quite simply, remarkable. The Grand Piano samples perfectly reproduce the warmth and natural resonance of the piano strings, something never before achieved in a product of this nature, footprint, and price!

Klavipro features 2 Grand Pianos and 2 Electric pianos with multi layered samples and articulations, 2 FM pianos plus several electric and acoustic patches. The Klavipro sound module can be easily controlled by any MIDI capable Master Keyboard, Digital Piano, or Personal keyboard.

Incredible sound quality coupled with true voice characteristics (due to KETRON’S new Voice Character Emulation or “VCE”), means the Klavipro can become part of your professional music studio set up in place of expensive and complicated software or virtual instruments!

The Klavipro provides some of the best Piano and Electric Piano sounds in the industry. Check out these astonishing demos, all created using just the Klavipro.



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